Advantage AI: Act Now, Raise Big

A first-of-its-kind digital data co-op can power your list growth to help your organization capitalize on an unprecedented moment in online fundraising. 

With Democratic enthusiasm at an all-time high, you have a unique opportunity to capitalize by investing in efficient, scalable list growth – adding supporters that return fast and help you build for the future. Advantage AI, a first-of-its-kind digital data co-op, can grow your list with known donors to help power your campaign or cause.

By combining the efficiency and predictability of fixed-cost acquisition with the kind of sophisticated predictive modeling that makes social media platforms like Facebook so powerful, Advantage AI has already helped its partners raise millions of dollars in just a few short months.

Here’s what it can deliver for you:

  • Fast and dependable payback on your investment: New members have seen full return on investment within 30 days, with some seeing 100% payback in as little as one week.
  • Strong engagement rates that preserve list health and allow for efficient onboarding: Every name delivered passes through a rigorous screen for recency of activity, and new members typically see open rates between 20% and 40% when mailing their new names.
  • High-quality list growth at scale: The co-op contains more than 28 million email addresses and is constantly growing, providing plenty of high-quality inventory for even the largest programs.

Reach out to for more information about Advantage AI and our limited-time test buy pricing.

Stacking up against comparable fixed-CPA sources:

Predictive modeling ensures lists delivered by Advantage AI are designed specifically to be responsive to the messages of each member organization or campaign. While comparable fixed-CPA sources offer cheaper prices per name at the point of purchase, Advantage AI names donate at much higher rates, offering a faster and stronger return on spend – and open at much higher rates with fewer unsubscribes, preserving list health.  

This data shows comparative return and engagement by fixed-cost sources in a one-month period:

These case studies detail the results from acquired names for four co-op members:

Email us at for information about our limited-time test buy pricing for new co-op members!

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